Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves to the development and growth of each brand to its fullest potential. Weeplay's fresh, motivated, and independent teams build each brands ultimate success.


Alan Maleh founded Weeplay in 1994, the same year he became a father. After noticing that there were only a few brands out there that had what he considered the BAM Factor! The majority of the product looked either stale or of poor quality, and he realized that there was a huge niche in the market for fresh product at sharp prices. He learned early on from his 12 years in retail that pleasing the consumer was the most important criteria, and that magic prices were also key!

Market Share

As a result of the unique dynamics of all our different brands, we are able to effectively sell all tiers of distribution; from the local mom and pop stores, all the way to the major department stores and everyone in between.

How We Do It

Weeplay is a unique children swear company with a proven and trusted reputation for building and acquiring brands. Weeplay's formula for success has been starting with the right strategy and implementing it effectively. The culture and talent pool within Weeplay is second to none and is the foundation of who we are. Each brand has its own dedicated team that is responsible for building and executing the strategy and direction, as well as protecting each brand and its market share. This further allows each brand to have its own identity and ensures that the proper focus is given to every garment we manufacture.  

Weeplay takes pride in its elegantly designed showrooms and displays for all our individual brands. Each showroom has a unique look and feel, while at the same time creating a consistent vibe throughout all the rooms. With the ownership of brands such as Halabaloo, Bank Street Billionaires, and Candy Queen, Weeplay offers a diverse array of fashions, and establishes itself as true innovators in the market place today.

Back Office

Weeplay provides a range of back office services critical to the building top brands. These services are provided to all of the independent brand managers and include: sourcing, administration, production and financial support. Our financial and administrative staff provides support and expertise to the areas of customer compliance, operational management, and financial accounting. Throughout these services, Weeplay goes above and beyond to provide all the tools necessary for each brand to succeed.